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Prenatal Education

If you, soon to be parents and birth workers alike are interested in learning more about the birth process, what you can expect during labor, and how to support;

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Intuitive EnergyWork (Reiki) for Healthcare & Birth Workers


Coming Soon

Mindfully Holding Space

In these classes you will learn powerful healing and energy balancing techniques, as well as energy medicine theory, the chakra system, ethics, and laws for practicing Reiki. 
All levels of experience are welcome! This is a perfect class for people new to energy healing, and also for those experienced healers looking to learn a new modality or advance their existing Reiki abilities.


Don't Stress, Stress Management

Coming Soon

Simple & Easy Ways to
Practice Self-Care

Learn how to incorporate simple, consistent habits to create change in your personal routines to better manage how stress affects your everyday life.

Stressed Woman

Childbirth Education Classes


Coming Soon

Empowerment thru Education

You will be guided through the whole birthing process, and provided with tips and approaches to make the experience as calm, affirming, and positive as possible.

Modern Family
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